Thursday, May 15, 2008

Original Sources

For the past couple days, the news of a Vatican astronomer discussing
the possibility of extraterrestrial life has been circulating through
the Internet. I was interested in reading exactly what the guy said.
I was able to find the original interview in Italian, but not in
English. I was hoping that the English version of the Vatican
newspaper would have the translated full text of the interview, but it
came out today and has no mention of the interview. And now, the
original Italian interview has been replaced by the next issue, and I
cannot find it in the archives.

I have been unable to find a translation of the original interview.
My searches reveal endless third- and fourth-hand accounts of the
interview. This is useless to me. I don't want someone's analysis of
someone's analysis of a newspaper article; I want the real thing.

This is yet another example of how our society is not using the
Internet properly. With every passing year, the place seems less like
a library and more like a gaggle of gossips around a water cooler.

And yes, I am fully aware that this blog does nothing at all to solve
the problem. I, like most people, will naturally do what I want to do
and what is convenient, not what some expert believes to be proper.

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