Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving Money

Our fellowship money from the summer study sessions and Ayn Rand
reading arrived today. We were first told that it would be a series
of standard direct deposits, but for some reason it arrived in the
form of a single $2500 check. There are two things I can so with such
a check: I can walk downtown to the issuing bank and get it cashed,
or I can wait until I go home and have my credit union put it in my
account. Obviously the wise thing to do is wait, because my martial
arts skills are not yet advanced enough for me to be completely
comfortable walking around with that much cash.

But, as I held the check, my first thoughts were as follows:

"Aww man, why did I have to pay my tuition yesterday? It would have
been awesome to cash this check, make the cashier give me half of it
in the form of one dollar bills, and fill my backpack with bricks of
cash. Then I could have walked into the Bursar's office, said, 'I'm
here to pay next semester's tuition', and started shoveling massive
wads of cash out of my backpack. The look on the teller's face would
have been priceless."

But I wouldn't really have done it. While I may have the cleverness
to come up with such stunts, I also have the wisdom to avoid them.

"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman

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Dylan Bruns said...

What is the repent line from? Wisdom is a valuable attribute. I can say cool, quotable things, but I also say gooberish things. Lack of wisdom comes into play.