Monday, October 13, 2008

Scripture Conference

The pastor at my church knows how to take advantage of being near a
college campus.

Today I got an email basically saying "Our normal Monday night bible
study is canceled. Instead, we will be going to a discussion being
held by the University's philosophy department. They have a Jewish
professor, an Eastern Orthodox priest, a Catholic Priest, and a
Lutheran pastor doing a round-table conference on authority and
interpretation of scripture."

I decided to skip karate and go with them. I'm glad I did; It was a
good event. The four panelists gave introductions, then opened the
floor for questions. There were a lot of people there. Some of the
random students would ask ignorant questions like "How do Jews believe
they get saved?"* and then our pastor, or one of his pastor friends,
would ask an insightful question about something like the description
of canon or the fundamental source of scriptural authority.

Memorable quote: "When you look at the epistles of Paul, you are
really reading somebody else's mail."

*Most Jews do not believe in any kind of afterlife or salvation.
There is no mention of heaven or hell in the Old Testament. The
religion is all about your actions and character in this world,
studying and following the Law of God in order to life a proper life.

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