Sunday, December 28, 2008

Heirloom Garand

Several years ago, my grandmother gave us my grandfather's old M-1
Garand. We set it aside and it was not touched for years, except for
a friend cleaning and oiling it. I recently decided to get the
equipment and practice to make the rifle useful.

My brother, father, and I went to a gun show this weekend. They had a
lot of fun just looking around, and so did I. But I was also on a
mission to gather up what I needed for the Garand. I got a carrying
case, ammunition, paper targets, and a repacking kit that included six
clips and a bandoleer to hold them. Sometime soon I will get a
cleaning kit and maybe some more ammunition. I am still deciding if I
want to get a bayonet for it.

I have loaded all of the clips. Then I will go back into the woods to
practice shooting. I know where there is a deep ravine cut into red
clay that will make a very safe shooting gallery. I will set up the
targets in the side, make sure there are no rocks near them, and then
go to the top of the ravine and shoot down. I know that I will never
win any marksmanship awards, but I would like to practice until I am
comfortable with the weapon and my accuracy.

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