Monday, August 24, 2009

Effects of Government

This is an amazing fact:

"Kenyan architect and town planner Mumo Museva took me to the bustling Eastleigh area of Nairobi, where traders have created a booming economy despite the place being almost completely abandoned by the government.

Eastleigh is a filthy part of the city where rubbish lies uncollected, the potholes in the roads are the size of swimming pools, and the drains have collapsed.

But one indication of the success of the traders, Mr Museva said, was the high per-square-foot rents there.

"You'll be surprised to note that Eastleigh is the most expensive real estate in Nairobi." "

from this BBC article

Think about that for a minute.  A filthy slum has the best economy and the highest rental rates in the entire city.  Why?  Because government officials do not go there.  The government is so corrupt and rapacious that people would rather work in a lawless filthy slum then be subject to it.

Of course, the person who write the article was amazingly clueless.  He should have written 'because of' instead of 'despite' in the first line.

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