Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freedom of Expression

The CATO institute recently published a good article showing that the pain of seeing people do things that offend you is not a good reason to impose any controls on of free speech.  It argues that it is dangerous to pass any laws that prevent things like flag burning.

This is a good snarky quote, showing how flag burning might actually be good for people who love the flag:

Venerators' revenge may take many lawful forms, not the least of which is simply the satisfaction (profound at times) of thinking that the  desecrator is a twit, and of feeling oneself morally superior to him.

I definitely agree that the Republican party's perennial attempts to introduce a 'flag burning amendment' is wrong and dangerous.  It would set a horribly bad precedent of attacking our basic First Amendment rights, the ones that have been so important in keeping our society free and healthy.

I also think that the stance is politically damaging for them.  All intelligent social conservatives know that the Constitution is far more sacred than the flag, and so should be treated with more respect.  The Republicans are showing their willingness to mess with our founding document for the sake of political expedience.

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