Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food Canon

Another Excellent post from Atomic Nerds:

For whatever reason, there are certain items of food in American culture that are not so much food as regional sects of a larger religion. You don't just eat barbecue or hot dogs or whatever (unless you're some kind of heathen, or worse, a pantheist), you have your specific version of that food item which is The Food as it is properly communed with and there are various heretic sects that defile The Food. Naturally I am no exception.

I agree with her completely on cornbread and biscuits, but when it comes to chili and barbecue I am a pantheist.  Also, I am one of those people who thinks that 'a pizza should be of comparable thickness and texture to a sofa cushion.'  I do not like crunchy pizza.

Do you have any food dogma?

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