Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cuong Nhu Self Defense

It is 7 in the morning.  A noise in your house has just woken you up.  What do you do?

If you are a Cuong Nhu black belt, you grab two weapons, rush downstairs in your underwear, and deal with the situation.

"In essence, he gift wrapped this case for us. He did a great job," Lt. Keith Kameg said about White.

The newspaper article is well-written, and gives a good description of how a trained martial artist should deal with an intruder.  Although Sensei MJ White was prepared for the worst, he used the minimum amount of force necessary to subdue the guy who had just broken into his house.

Note that he had weapons within easy reach and his first instinct was to grab them.  This is important.  Whether your self defense training is with martial arts or firearms, you should always have your weapon where you can get to it easily, and you should always remember your training and be prepared for all things at all times.  Simply owning things and practicing how to use them is not enough.

Learning how to hit things is easy.  Training your instincts and reflexes to respond appropriately to a wide variety of situations is much harder, and takes years of training.  That is what we do in Cuong Nhu

Congratulations to Sensei MJ for showing how a true martial artist acts.

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