Thursday, April 29, 2010

War Relics

This is another fascinating site, from the same Ukranian woman who tours the chernobyl area.  Before she did that, she explored the bunkers and old battlefields around Kiev.  The amount of stuff she finds is amazing, and enough to make anyone interested in history or archaeology very jealous.  For example, it is quite common for her to find old rusted-out machine guns.

Each page is full of interesting pictures and quotes, for example:

Eventually the Red army won and the cheerful days of communism began. They began with the robbery of rich citizens and expelled them from the country. As the scriptural seven skinny cows ate up a fat cow and didn't become any fatter, so is our ragged fellows robbed a rich fellows and didn't become any richer. Poverty was written all over and the Soviet epoch didn't leave us many valuable things that would be worth digging for them. Many graves were left.


This a standard German army buckle, made of aluminium. "God with us" is written on the face, intended to convince their wearer that God was on their side. Maybe instead it should have asked if they were on God's side.
The other item is German too, a medal for the 1941-42 winter campaign in the East. That winter was one of the coldest in 20th century. German soldiers gave the medal an ironic nickname: "Gefrierfleischorden" - the frozen meat medal.

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