Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The End of Men

Long but good article.

I don't have much to add or comment on.  I became aware of this general trend a few years ago, from conversations with the women who worked in the office at the company I worked at.  They did not have college degrees but had decent jobs, and their standards for what constituted a good husband were frightfully low.  I can paraphrase them, with small exaggeration, as "sometimes has a job, does not beat or insult me or the kids, and sometimes helps around the house."

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Lou said...

Hey Richard....I enjoyed this article. Got bogged down about 3/4 of the way down, but finished strong. None of this is news to me....even as a kid, I thought that women had all the power; that only outdated ideas kept them down...in other words, they were their own worst enemy. Yet, its UNBELIEVABLE how some girls still act like losers. Anyhow, it sounds like YOU are in position to be a "good catch" for someone in the future.