Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Farming Techniques

This looks impressive, but I do not know how accurate it is:

Now for the hopeful part: Biological processes can bring carbon into balance. Think of the dreary climate predictions you read in the news and compare that with what Ian Mitchell-Innes, a South African rancher and trainer in holistic management, has to say: "If we improve 50 percent of the world's agricultural land we could sequester enough carbon in the soil to bring atmospheric CO2 back to pre-industrial levels in five years."

According to Collins, a 1 percent increase in soil carbon on 5 billion acres of agricultural land would not only relieve our atmosphere of some 200 billion tons of CO2 — the equivalent of 100 parts per million — but also enhance food production, and, because its covered, carbon-rich soil infiltrates and holds significantly more water than its dried-out counterpart, aids stream and river flow, and protects against flooding and drought.

I do know that farming has a very large impact on land and the planet, and changes in farming practice could do a lot of good.  If this is as good as they say, it will soon be widely adopted and could help a lot of things.

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