Thursday, October 14, 2010


There is something fundamentally wrong with the following, which just appeared on my computer screen after completing an interlibrary loan request:

Your request for Clear and simple as the truth : writing classic prose / Francis-Noël Thomas & Mark Turner. was successful.

Item requested from Bob Jones University

Your request will be delivered to Cooper Library at C---* when it is available.

Why is it that they have this book but we do not?  The founder of the university, and his father-in-law, would be horrified to learn that the classical art of rhetoric was so neglected here.

Of course, on second thought, Bob Jones University is probably much closer to their beliefs of what a university should be like...

*I avoid using the name of my university in these blog posts to make it harder for a simple web search to find the blog and potentially unearth something that might be harmful to me or my department if taken out of context.

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