Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here are the things I have put stars on in Google Reader in the last few months:

Reputation Management: Glitzkrieg "Respectability is for sale. Here is a buyer's guide."

Even today, when the US desperately needs to cut spending to avoid going bankrupt, few dare to take such hippy-style positions, that most of the things we spend so much on just matter much less than most think, and so can be drastically cut. One might imagine starting a Party Party, based on a fun-loving hippy-style emphasis on simple living. But alas those who agree are less eager to be political. So I expect the usual political parties will continue to fall over themselves to emphasize how very important are things like war, medicine, school, parenting, etc., so important that you shouldn't dare to leave such things in the hands of those other incompetent parties.

How to be Happy A good, well-documented list of what modern scientific research says on the subject of happiness

I am anti-awareness and you should be too This is an excellent indictment of slacktivism, although she does not use that word.

And finally, a couple of comics:

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