Sunday, September 4, 2011

Physiology Part 2

16 days ago, I sprained my ankle. It was worse than I thought at first, but a few days after the sprain I was able to walk normally on flat ground, and by nine days after the sprain I had recovered the mobility of a normal person and was able to do most of the exercises in our martial arts workout. But 'normal person' is a much lower level of ability than I am used to. As the ankle healed, it got tight, especially the Achilles tendon, so I had to keep exercising and stretching it out and there were the occasional twinges of pain.

I just finished running our parkour course. Even though I was not very graceful, and had to do most of the jumping off the other foot, which I am not used to doing, I was able to do most of it. My overall performance was probably about equal to the second or third time I did the course.

Sometimes it is easy to underestimate how much you have trained your body. My ankle is probably stronger and more flexible than it was five years ago, but it still feels weak to me because I am used to it being so much better.

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