Saturday, November 22, 2008

Local Honey

The state of South Carolina cut our budget a lot, and one of the
programs that had its budget slashed was the Student Organic Farm.
Today they had a Farm Festival to raise money.

The pricing structure was well-designed and incentive-compatible: The
event was free but parking was $5. I heartily approve of this plan as
an economist, an environmentalist, and someone who doesn't mind

I hung around a little bit, said hello to someone I knew, and bought
some honey. Organic food is usually a waste of money, but locally
produced honey is worth paying for, especially when it is the really
dark kind. Actually, It wasn't that expensive. I paid $8 for 32
ounces of the stuff.

I will keep it in my desk drawer and just eat it with a knife when I
want something sweet. In my experience, high-quality honey is wasted
when you mix it with oatmeal or cook with it. Honey is like wine: you
cook with the cheap kind and drink the good kind.

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