Thursday, February 5, 2009


This episode shows that the party label doesn't really matter:

"In 2006 Barack Obama and Tom Coburn, then freshman senators from
Illinois and Oklahoma, sponsored a bill calling for an online database
of federal contracts and awards. Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Ted
Stevens of Alaska, both notorious for pork, briefly blocked the idea
with an old Senate trick, the anonymous hold. They were soon unmasked
by the blogosphere. The Federal Funding Accountability and
Transparency Act sailed through to passage with bipartisan support."

A republican and a democrat team up to try to get more accountability
in government. A republican and a democrat try to block them.

The real battle is between people who try to keep government limited
and/or working for the people, and people who see it as a tool for
personal gain. You will find examples of both types in both parties.

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