Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Future Shock 3

Cyborgs are one of the many things that I expect to exist in the future.  But I always assumed it would take several decades for the technology to be developed.

The technology exists today.  Scientists can run a wire into a mouse's head that will make it run around in a circle.  They can put a device on a person's head that will make that person move his arms involuntarily.  The technology is easy to build and easy to use, and they are willing and able to release this technology to the general public in the very near future. 

We already have therapists using electromagnetic blasts to treat depression and other mental conditions.  Garage inventors and tinkerers will soon have access to this tech.  If you know anything about the open source tinkering community, you know to expect a lot of innovation.  This will be big, and it will be scary, and it will be happening soon.

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