Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great Post

Read This.

I have one or two minor quibbles with what she says, but otherwise it is very close to what I believe, and what I think everyone needs to hear.

"People do not act rationally at all times. ... If your vision depends on them doing so even most of the time, your idea is in trouble."

People do a lot of stupid stuff.  But when they pay the costs of their own actions, they quickly learn to adjust their behavior.  After a few feedback loops, people will act in a way that is very close to rational, if 'rational' is defined as 'getting the most personal benefit for the least personal cost'.  If you think that someone is consistently acting irrationally, it probably just means that the two of you value different things.

"Freedom for other people invariably and inevitably means discomfort for you- physical, emotional, and moral."

I disagree.  I am not sure exactly what she means.  It is almost impossible to make me uncomfortable without actually attacking me physically or destroying my property.  Perhaps I simply have a high tolerance for strangeness and chaos.  But it seems to me that a tolerance for the actions of others is a basic necessity when living in a civilization.  If you can be made uncomfortable by things that have no impact on your life, or that can be avoided with minimal effort, then you need to re-evaluate how you view the world.

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