Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Biology and Health

Here are two good articles on biochemistry, with practical advice on eating healthy:



One of the surprising pieces of advice is that you should treat yourself to a high-carb meal about once a week whenever you are dieting or switching to healthier foods.  This will preventing your body from thinking that it is starving, and doing things to make you hungry and depressed.


E said...

Cool articles and site. Had no idea serotonin was made in the stomach too!

I also liked the recent article that broke down the overall changes in behavior this century that have followed with trading worries about infectious diseases for brain diseases. "...An increase of personal responsibility [being] the price we pay for a longer life?" Indeed!

Richard Bruns said...

You are right, that is a good article. Thanks for pointing it out. I thought about adding the whole site to Google Reader, but saw that it was mostly recipes I'm not interested in. But then I realized that I could subscribe to the feeds from particular authors or sections, so I have subscribed to the 'understanding our bodies' feed and the 'brian mossop' feed.