Thursday, July 2, 2009

Web Link

This is a great site for anyone who is interested in history. It is a collection of images and essays about the rise of Japan and China in the modern world.

Most of the image galleries are designed so you have to scroll right to get through them. You might want to click on the link for the pdf files and read them instead of the web page.

The essay "Throwing Off Asia I" has an excellent quote:

Fukuzawa Yukichi, Meiji Japan's most prolific interpreter of Western values and practices, offered a concise interpretation of what "civilization and enlightenment" entailed. The strength and progress of the great Western nations, he argued, rested on science; and scientific accomplishment, in turn, required a spirit of free inquiry among the general populace. Thus, it followed that liberal and progressive values were not simply moral and political ideals; they were also part and parcel of creating a "rich country, strong military" capable of assuring national independence.

There are far too few people today who realize this.

Edit: One more interesting thing that deserves reposting: a British satire magazine's take on the Sino-Japanese war:

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