Thursday, February 4, 2010

Petty Dictator

Spartanburg County deputies say a child at Fairforest Elementary School stuck several of her classmates with a syringe.  A school resource officer says the student brought the syringe to school and throughout the day stuck several classmates with the needle end.  The principal says she could not see any powder or liquid in the syringe.  The student told the principal she had gotten the syringe from home.  The child's mother told the principal that no one in the family used syringes but they lived in a trailer park with a lot of traffic.  The supervisor for the School Resource Officers Division contacted the 7th Circuit Solicitor's Office about this case. They felt that due to the child's age and lack of any indication her actions were malicious the appropriate course of action would be to let the school handle the incident under their discipline guidelines.

From local news

This kind of chicken$#!7 is getting more and more common.  What kind of idiot refers childhood misconduct to the DA?

I can actually answer that rhetorical question.  It is the kind of idiot who thinks that the government has a right and a duty to make everyone's life safe and perfect.  Thankfully our actual court system has more sense.  Imagine how nasty the world would be if that school administrator had power unconstrained by legal process.

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