Friday, May 21, 2010

Human Ingenuity

This is facinating and horrifying.  There are dozens of professionals in Japan who manufacture situations to put people at fault in divorce proceedings:

But Rika was the victim, not of a straightforward womaniser, but something more chilling: a meticulously planned professional sting operation.

Everyone involved in that wild evening — from the young "friend" who invited her, to the guests in the restaurant — was an actor, an employee of an agency that specialises in sexual entrapment. The chance meeting with "Kaori" weeks before, the dinner invitation and the act of seduction were commissioned and paid for by someone Rika has never met — the lover of her husband, a woman who yearns for the failure of Rika's marriage.

In many ways, Japan is a glimpse at the future.  As advancing technology makes it easier and easier to meet people's basic needs, more and more economic activity will be focused on these kinds of social games.

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NotanEster said...

what's also interesting are the comments about 'karma' and 'getting what they (clients & splitter-uppers) deserve'. Instead of making social changes to reduce the demand for such services, people seem to prefer to leave justice to a 'hand of fate.'