Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rainbow High Five Wedding

Last weekend two of my friends got married.  It was the least traditional wedding I have ever been to, and also one of the most fun.  It was held in a state park, with the couple taking their vows by the edge of a lake.  It was a beautiful setting, and completely appropriate to who they were.  Neither the bride or the groom was wearing anything like traditional wedding attire.  They were both, in fact, wearing cargo pants.  This was somewhat disconcerting to me, but again, it was appropriate to who they were.

About an hour after the vows, when we had finished eating the barbecue and were hanging around talking, there was a brief rain shower.  When it was over, there was a very nice rainbow over the lake.  Very few people can say that there was an actual rainbow at their wedding.

Everything was completely unrehearsed.  The groom did not know what finger the rings were supposed to go on.  After the vows, when the priest said 'you know what time it is' they looked at each other for a split second and then gave each other a high five.  Everyone cheered.  This, too, was their personality.

They met at martial arts class, and we were their primary circle of friends.  Between a third and a half of the wedding guests were from the dojo.

The tables were decorated with rubber ducks.  Some of the ducks were ninja ducks, and some of them were dressed in 1920's style attire.  I kept several of them.

My friend and I did not recognize the clerical garb of the preacher.  He was wearing some kind of holy symbol that looked like a grid carved from a single piece of wood.  Being totally fearless in matters like this, we went up to him and asked, "What kind of priest are you?"  It turned out that he was a Lutheran, and he was wearing a Jerusalem cross

There was no wedding cake.  Instead, there was a ten-square-foot brownie, covered with slices of banana, strawberry, and topping.  It was absolutely the best wedding 'cake' I have ever eaten.

Some of the other guests had never been to a wedding before.  Those of us who had been to weddings had to tell them that all of this was not normal.

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