Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today at church the pastor gave a good sermon on sin. He talked about
the difference between things like pride that are always sin, and
things like alcohol that are sometimes sin. He used Romans 14 to talk
about how an overly legalistic view of the latter is wrong and can
split the church. Some things, like eating pork or drinking wine, can
be wrong for some people and okay for others. He stressed that we
need to be smart, follow our conscience, and don't insist that we know
what is best for everyone.

It was not the normal pastor; they did a 'pastor swap' with another
church. This seems normal for the church. They like bringing in new
ideas. The church seems intelligent and open, while keeping a good
community and a good understanding of core values.

I like this church. I think I'll keep going there for a while.

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