Saturday, June 7, 2008

Scandinavian Education

"So, I ask him, was Finland's high score a mirage, caused by nothing
more profound than sensible spelling and good exam technique? No, he
says; the country's schools do two exceptional things—and he can prove
it, with charts.

The first shows "inter-generational income elasticity" in various
countries. This is the technical term for the correlation between
people's income and that of their parents. In Finland it is low:
parental income is a minor influence on earning. In other words, Finns
switch economic classes easily. In Britain and America, it is high,
meaning the opposite."

This is a good article on Scandinavian education.

In the USA we have more economic freedom and opportunity than in
socialist Finland. But the freedom to succeed means nothing if you
are unable to take advantage of it.

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