Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of the new students in our martial arts class is a girl who has
some experience in Tae Kwon Do. Her father has a black belt in that
style, and he had taught her a few things, including sparring.

Last night was the first time that she sparred with us. She did
fairly well. After class, we heard her talking on the phone. "Yes
dad, it is light contact. I know how to be safe. No, I wasn't too
rough. ... Well, I only hit you that hard because I know you can take
it. I can pull my punches."

It was only later that she realized that her father had not said one
word about keeping herself safe. His 100 pound daughter is sparring
with a room full of martial artists, and the only thing he can think
of is "make sure you don't hurt anybody."

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