Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Politics Anecdote

One of my teachers told a story in class about a time when he gave a
talk on the minimum wage. A politician friend of his had asked him to
speak to a community group on the issue. He was explaining that an
earned income tax credit was a better way to help the working poor
than the minimum wage, because minimum wage laws always increase
unemployment. An income subsidy will raise the effective earnings
just as much, while increasing the number of workers.

The audience didn't get it, and they insulted him for his opposition
to a minimum wage. My teacher said he ended up with 'a newfound
respect for politicians' for their ability to 'put up with that kind
of crap'.

However, one person in the audience seemed to agree with him and
understand him. A representative of the 'United Workers Socialist
Party' respectfully thanked him for the talk and gave him a business

I guess it isn't surprising that any kind of radical group will often
respect science and new ideas more than the mainstream.

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