Friday, April 3, 2009

Yesterday's workout

Yesterday I started my workout by running a mile in 6:09.  That is probably a personal best.  Of course, I don't know how accurate the markings on the track are.  They could be off, in which case I'm not really that fast.  The track is slightly less than a quarter mule, so one mile means running around four full times, plus another third of the track.

After running that mile, I walked the two-thirds of the track to the starting position.  I then jogged a mile, stopping at every lap to do ten one-arm push-ups with each arm.  I jogged this mile in about eight and a half minutes, not counting the time it took to do the push-ups.

Then I walked two laps around the track before trying for another fast mile.  I did it in 6:56. 

Then I went to the laundry room, moved my clothes from the washer to the dryer, and came back to the track for another mile, with 100 one-arm push-ups.  That one took 7:54.

Then I walked another two laps, and finished up by jogging a fifth cool-down mile.  I also ran this one in 7:54.

Today I am not sore or tired at all.

The interesting thing is that I used to jog and run cross country all the time, but I never had this kind of stamina or one-mile speed.  And my upper body strength used to be pathetic.  Martial arts training is awesome.

Of course, it may be that my 5K speed is lower than what it was, because I have forgotten the pacing and rhythm.  I ran four miles in a row last week at what seemed to be a decent pace, but I wasn't timing myself.  I'd like to find a 5k course and compare to my cross-country days.

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