Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reader Survey

Edited for clarity, edits in italics:

I'd like to know who reads this blog. If you are reading this, and you are one of my friends or family members, please leave a comment on this post with your name. Even if you know I know you read it, please leave a comment anyway. Even if you read this a long time after it was posted, please reply with a comment. If you are reading this on Facebook, add a note to the Facebook post. If you don't want to list your name, use a nickname or description I would recognize. In order to leave a comment, click on the title of this post, and then scroll down the link that says, "Post a Comment".

Also, if I know you, please sign your comments to other posts in some way. If this was a purely professional blog, with commenters talking about science stuff, I wouldn't care who was talking. But most of the comments seem to be in response to personal or family posts, so I'd like to know who is saying what, and other family members probably would too.

If you were the person who I had the long conversation with in response to the Confusing Primates post, please let me know. I thought I knew who it was, but I was wrong. Then I tried the next two likely people, and it wasn't them either.

PS: The Test: Unit Analysis post I put up earlier was also meant to be a survey, in addition to an experiment to test how my class compared to my family and friends. But apparently people really hate math; I know that I have more than three readers. If you did reply to that, thank you. Both of the answers were about right. I don't know who the first post was from, but I assume that it was my engineer cousin.


Mom said...

Your 2 faithful readers, Mom And Dad are always looking for the new posts.

Dylan Bruns said...

I sometimes read this blog. But sometimes I forget.

Random Internet Person said...

Guilty on both charges - I responded to the Unit Analysis post, and I was the person responsible for the "Confusing Primates" discussion. I don't know you though - I just wandered in from the interwebs awhile back, found your blog interesting, and have been keeping up with it.

Amanda said...

My response to "let Bob figure it out" was a reasonable, intelligent response! It was accurate too. I'm sure in the great academic curve there is a place for my answer too :-).

Esther said...

Beep beep.


Richard Bruns said...

Random Internet Person:

Thank you for reading and posting, and thanks for clearing that up. I was somewhat flabbergasted when I mentioned this to my friend and she said she wasn't the one who wrote it. The two of you have very similar intelligence, writing styles, and interests.

I have made no effort to publicize this thing, so it never occurred to me that people other than family or friends might reply. You must have found me through a link that I made to another blog.

This goes for anybody here: If I don't know you, then of course you may feel free to post as Anonymous.

I certainly welcome all readers, and will eventually work for a bigger audience once I get better at this.

Random Internet Person said...

I believe I did get to your blog via a link. Several of my friends completed Economics degrees at Clemson, and your similar background made me explore your archives.

Although I find your book reviews and academic discussions interesting, I must admit I find the posts with a personal perspective or observational viewpoint are more compelling. Perhaps something to keep in mind if you would like to further expand your readership in the future?

Richard Bruns said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll try to work in the personal angle. Unfortunately for both of us, however, noteworthy things do not happen to me on a daily basis ;-)