Friday, May 8, 2009


The college had a big reception today for undergraduate seniors who are graduating tomorrow.  About eight minutes after it was over, I wandered down to see if I could grab some leftovers.

I walked into a feeding frenzy.  About half a dozen people, many of them department secretaries, were helping themselves to piles of food.  There were a lot of leftovers, and it was all kinds of good stuff: piles of cherry tomatoes, meatballs, chicken, quiche, taco dip, and good desserts with lots of pecans.  They were racing against the bemused catering staff, who were cleaning up the stuff and preparing to throw it away.

I got three plates of food, then left, then came back with a plastic container that I keep in my office for occasions just like this one.  I was filling it with chicken when one of the secretaries said, "Do you want more?  We have bags in the other room."

So now I have a one-gallon Ziplok bag stuffed with chicken and quiche in my office fridge, and I am currently working my way through a nice lunch.

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