Sunday, May 24, 2009

Training Camp Day 2

The classes I took today were Judo, massage, and sparring.  You might be wondering about the massage.  It was meant to teach us how to loosen the muscles that often get stiff as a result of martial arts training. It was something that I have been interested in learning about, and it was a good way to breakup the workouts with something relaxing.

I ended up falling asleep after supper.  I only meant to lie down for a few minutes, but I guess I was tired from the sparring session.

The food this time is really good.  People complained about the lack of vegan options last time, so the cafeteria went to some trouble to get good vegan ingredients and learn how to cook it.  There have been several excellent dishes, mostly involving tofu.  The non-vegan stuff, by contrast, is fairly cafeteria stuff.  This isn't bad, mainly because I know what kinds of things to avoid.

I've been having fun with the ice cream.  Most people eat it with the stupid little cones or styrofoam cups they have near the ice cream, but I will make an applesauce float in a coffee mug, or a banana split in a small plate.

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