Monday, September 14, 2009

The Hitler Game

Many people have heard of the 'Kevin Bacon Game'  Start with a random actor, and try to connect him or her to Kevin Bacon in as few steps as possible, through movies that two actors were both in.  Playing the game requires extensive knowledge of movie trivia, something I do not have or want.

Last weekend I learned of a similar game.  Go to Wikipedia and click on the 'Random article' link in the upper left.  Wherever you end up, try to get to the 'Hitler' article in as few links as possible.

Here are my first few attempts

A: The King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC)
This one is too easy.
First click: Italy 1943-45
Second click: Hitler

B:Carroll College (Montana)
slightly trickier
1st: History
2nd: History of Europe
3rd: Hitler

C: Sala Biellese
This is a random town in Italy.  Also too easy:
1st: Italy
2nd: Hitler

D: Augmented chord
Finally, a challenge...
1st: Tristan Chord
2nd: Richard Wagner
3rd: Hitler
Hah!  And I got that on the first try.

Try the game yourself, if you have a few minutes free.  It is fun and educational.

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