Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It is time to copy a pile of random quotes and thoughts that have been piling up...

Math is a foreign language.  You will never be fluent in it unless you are immersed in it, everyone around you speaks it, and it is part of the culture.

When you say 'I suck at something' what you really mean is that several of your friends are better than you.

I remember my actions in childhood as I remember actions in a dream: no reason, logic, thought, or sentience.

The big difference between economists and everyone else is that we know exactly why we are not rich.

Irrationality is defined as anything that makes you later say "I wish I had acted differently."

Economists are the richest social scientists.  But they are the only social scientists who usually make less money than the people they study.

The word 'almost' means something very different in mathematics.  'Almost sure convergence' and 'pretty good privacy' are incredibly string statements.

In general, the most productive members of society are those with high intelligence and low wisdom.  These are people who are capable of doing a lot of things, and who think that their life will be better if they spend time chasing money, status, and material possessions.  Fools cannot win the rat race, and the wise don't bother to enter it.

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