Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thought

Knowing a little bit of econonics is more useful than knowing a little bit of physics.

But knowing a lot of physics lets you build really fun and useful things, while knowing a lot of economics just means getting into complicated arguments with other economists.


Anonymous said...

this looks familiar.

I will add to that that most people know "a little bit of physics" intuitively, since our body is designed to react to physics. A little bit of economics may not be so intuitive.


Richard Bruns said...

Yep. I noticed your reply to the 'Value of Beliefs' post on Facebook, and it reminded me of our conversation and that I had wanted to post the observation to the blog.

I have an amazingly long list of things that I want to post when I get around to it and/or remember to write about it. I guess I am trying to build up a reserve of posts to cover slow times, but I will often go days without posting anyway.