Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eating Study

Earlier today, I finished the fourth session of a psychology study on eating behavior.  The first day was taking measurements and choosing which flavor to eat.  The second day was eating as much as I wanted from a bowl that had two cups in it; I ate almost the whole thing.  On the third and forth days I was instructed to eat all of one cup that had been cut into either 9 or 16 cubes, and I was supposed to eat each cube in one bite.  Before and after each snack I was asked to rate how hungry and full I felt, and after each one I had to fill out a big survey about the food.  While I was eating a sensor was attached to my wrist to see how it moved when I was eating.

I think that the main goal of the test was to see how the 9-cube and 16-cube snack differed.  I don't think it had much effect on me, because there wasn't enough food there to really change anything about how I felt.  160 calories of gelatin means almost nothing to my body, no matter how you slice it.

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