Friday, July 2, 2010

Plantation House

I like looking at historical houses.  My friend and I went to one today, a plantation owner's house that was built in 1812.  Like most houses owned by the wealthy of that time period, it is much like a modern middle-class house.  Everything: the size, the furnishings, the decor, all are about what you would expect a middle-class family to have.  Obviously things look different, and there is a different style and culture to it, but I am talking functionality when I make this comparison.

I have commented on this before.  But here is a number to put this technological progress into perspective.  The man who owned that house owned assets worth $52 million in today's dollars.

52 million dollars, and his possessions were comparable to that of a middle-class household today.  Of course, he had lots of servants to order around, but we have an array of technological 'servants' that are just as good, maybe even better.

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