Thursday, July 22, 2010

Psychology Experiments

I just got paid $5 to eat food and get a free physical.

Well, technically, the food was Jell-O and it was not a full physical, just measurements:

Weight: 175 pounds
Height: 73.5 inches ( 6 feet 1.5 inches )
Body Mass Index: 21.6
Body Fat %: 13.4
Waist: 30.5 inches
Hip: 41.1 inches

The body fat was measured by a handheld electrical impedance device; I have never had this measurement taken before.  All of the numbers are what you would expect for a healthy athletic guy, with the exception of my waist-hip ratio of 0.74.  A normal healthy man is supposed to have a waist-hip ratio of about 0.9, while a normal healthy woman is supposed to have a waist-hip ratio of about 0.7.  But I have large leg muscles from running, and I am half Cuban.

The reason for this was a psychology department research study.  I've signed to to participate in a few of them.  It does not take long, it is interesting to see how they do the research, I get a chance to learn about myself, it gives me another reason to come to campus and do work, and the cash (and occasional free food) is a nice bonus.  The Jell-O thing was the first of four sessions; it will be interesting to see what they will be doing in those.

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