Monday, July 19, 2010

Six Flags

Yesterday our dojo went to Six Flags.  Normally I prefer to avoid amusement parks, but this was kind of a going-away party for two of the senseis, and they had a lot of coupons and season passes so it ended up being pretty cheap for me to go.

The Superman roller coaster was really good.  It is one where the rails are above your head.  You get in the seat, and then it tilts you forward so you are looking at the ground, so while the coaster is going it feels like you are flying around like Superman.  Obviously the way to ride it is to hold your right hand above your head while making a fist with it.  Right before the roller coaster started, the head sensei whistled the Superman theme really loud, which was a nice touch and drew applause.

We got to the park soon after it opened, and went straight to Superman, which is really far away from the gate, so we got to ride it twice with hardly any waiting.  But after that, they went to other coasters, which did involve waits, and then it started to rain.  So in the entire day, we only did six rides (Superman twice, Goliath, Batman, Thunder River, and the Dahlonega Mine Train)  

Thunder River is kind of fun, but none of the others were really worth the wait or the trip, even though the lines were rather short yesterday.  I have no desire to go to any amusement park in the future, but I might if someone wants me to go along.  I had more fun waiting in line with the dojo crowd then I did actually riding the rides.

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